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Hello Friends,

        This is a wonderful feeling to be acknowledged for your work and have some of my simple recipes published for the eyes of the public.

        Thanks to Mrs. Rupanjana Vivekanand, who is "Associate Editor" for "Asian Voice" It has around 30,000 issue sales every month. She asked me if I could send in some recipes for the paper long time back but for some reason it didn't come through.

       I am not an expert to send recipes for paper publications when compared to all the expert cooks and food bloggers out there.

          For the upcoming holiday season they had a magazine called " Khaana Peena Gaana Naachna" published.They were looking for something new for their recipe section. She asked me if I could do it along with an article about what the present generation want to eat.
          I thought what could be hard about writing an article. When the day came closer by, I was more nervous than ever and suddenly my mind went blank.
         New, Fresh, Contemporary....... even those words sounded new to me.

         Making up mind, I just went with my instincts. The reason I chose these particular recipes is because they are easy to make, fresh new flavours, the combinations are unusual and they are super healthy.

Click on this link to check out the paper's website:

Click here to view the magazine : Khaana Peena Gaana Naachna 2010

Honestly I thought it was going to be a half page affair. When she sent me the published magazine, I was shell shocked to see three pages of my naive and inexperienced scribbles.

StartersMini Poppadams with Melon Salsa

Main Course 1Fragrant Rice in Ginger flavoured Coconut Milk Curry  served Carrot Egg Stir Fry

Main Course 2: Chapati  with Cauliflower in Groundnut Onion Gravy
Desserts: Apple Kesari with Nutmeg
Drink: Buttermilk with Mint and Ginger

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Thankyou for reading through my posts.


Scribbled by Reva.
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