22 Dec 2010

Energy Booster

This drink is packed with nutrients to fight off lethargy especially after weeks of processed foods which are high in salt, refines sugars and fat.

Carrots, beetroots and oranges are all high in vit A and C, antioxidants and phytonutrients such as alpha and beta carotene. It is a fantastic source of potassium - a real tonic.

Carrots[large]: 2.
Beetroot [medium]: 2.
Orange: 1.
Strawberries: a handful.

1.Peel the carrots, beet and orange. Juice them together.
2.Wash the strawberries and remove the stalk. Puree in a blender along with the juice and a couple of ice cubes.
3.Whiz for 20 secs and serve in a tall glass.

Have the juice within 20 minutes of preparing.....otherwise half the nutrients are lost.

I wanted to try something new for the presentation. I sliced an orange in half and removed the flesh . I wiped it clean and poured about 2 tbsp of the juice in this "orange skin cup" which looks weird though. Next time I should try to do something sensible .......He! he!he!

The pink and white gobules are sugar decorations.


Scribbled by Reva.


Gayathri Kumar said...

Very interesting combination..

Prathima Rao said...

Good one Reva, healthy n tasty...The clicks are beautiful n pleasing to the eye... ;)

Priya Suresh said...

Woww catchy juice, i dont bother to have rite now..Superb!

Reva said...

Thankyou, Priya, Prathima and Gayathri for your lovely words..

sangeeta said...

Loved this smoothie too...and i don't mind having this smoothie in the orange rind cup :)

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